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April 14 2015


1% Dla Marcela. Was to nic nie kosztuje a Marcelkowi, moze pomoc w dalszym rozwoju.

Korzystajac z uprzejmości Wojtka Wesolowskiego I Pawla Grzecha zwracam sie do Was z

nietypowa prośba.

Moj 9 letni siostrzeniec Marcelek urodzil sie z wrodzona wada genetyczna: zespolem Downa.

33 (178)Marcel urodzil sie z wada serca pod postacia ubytku przegrody komor z cechami nadciśnienia

plucnego . W piatym miesiacu zycia przeszedl operacje w Instytucie Centrum Zdrowia Matki

Polki Kliniki Kardiochirurgi w Kodzi. Ponadto ma obnizona odpornośc organizmu net point i

niedoczynnośc tarczycy , co powoduje koniecznośc podawania lekow.

W 2014 r. zdiagnozowano niedosluch obustronny ze wskazaniami na aparaty sluchowe.Marcel jest caly czas pod opieka

specjalistycznych poradni m.in.:neurologicznej, okulistycznej , audiologicznej ,

endokrynologicznej , kardiologicznej.

Aby Marcelek mogl prawidlowo sie rozwijac nie zbedne sa stale zabiegi rehabilitacyjne ,

zajecia wspomagajace i stymulujace rozwoj psychoruchowy( tj. logopeda , psycholog, zajecia

korekcyjne , terapia reki , itp.) jak rowniez wyjazdy na turnusy rehabilitacyjne , ktore wiaza sie z


W zwiazku z tym zwracam sie do Was z prośba o przekazanie 1% podatku , a tym samym

ulatwieniu Marcelkowi dostepu do niezbednych lekow i specjalistow , by w przyszlości mogl

funkcjonowac jak najbardziej samodzielnie.

Was to nic nie kosztuje a Marcelkowi, moze pomoc w dalszym rozwoju.

Dane do formularza PIT:

KRS 0000037904

cel szczegolowy: 1% 6669 Marcel Muzyka

Pozdrawiam Serdecznie

Slawomir Bednarek

P.S. W imieniu Marcelka, jego rodzicow I swoim, z gory wszystkim serdecznie dziekuje

Prosze Podziel sie Tym wpisem: 


Autor wpisu: Wojciech Wesolowski

Specjalista budowania MLM online ( marketingu sieciowego przez internet ). Wspolzalozyciel Grupy Marketingowej BB Elite Club. Szkole w Akademii Nowoczesnego Marketingu GVO. Jestem tu by szkolic i pomagac naszym partnerom osiagnac sukces.



October 10 2014


Feeding Your Dog - Could You Be Feeding Your Dog the Wrong Things?

The Charm in the Large MacLong gone would be the intervals the location in which in turn a man must hunt and also forage regarding sustenance. We're fortunate for you to bypass this time along with power consuming ordeal, simply by just acquiring our own nourishment that somebody much less fortunate than ourselves features produced. Getting a mother or father or perhaps gaurdian is likely to be probably the actual most gratifying experience I have actually endured the particular privilege involving becoming a new element of.

One of the particular highest quality fitness buddies you'll end up being able to pick is actually an excellent dog which will usually enjoy performing anything you'll prefer to do! Any time you've a new canine buddy for you to maintain anyone company, you will have got ample motivation to select day-to-day walks, bike rides, throw a Frisbee or perhaps ball inside your park. Apart from your splendid natural scenic beauty as well as varied picnic spots, Manali is also the home of numerous ancient temples. This kind of predicament ordinarily will go away as quickly as a person quit utilizing the product for a couple of days.

  Make certain to be able to designate a new spot within your home it actually is the canned and also boxed goods! Other ways to have family members involved would have been to possess parents get help with his or her offices. In case dry then it results within a couple of individual problems. An Individual should also include proof of one's bills. 4) Birthdays, Holidays and also GraduationsAny day when you'd prefer to possess a unique meal to always be able to commemorate something, you'll end up being able to aquire seafood online to turn every day into a true occasion. Thus, even having its growing popularity within the united States within recent a extended time like a super food along with weight reduction option, it ought to not necessarily occur as a shock that will South Americans are generally previously appreciating the well being improvements for the actual majority of years.

Butter Chicken. It is quite much simpler to acquire the global diploma now. Dawna explains that will right after you're organized along with buy only everything you need, you'll stay within spending budget as well as cut costs typically used upon unnecessary purchases.  Orchids and also succulents tend to be beautiful, lasts a entire lot over fresh-cut flowers , nor need much water as well as attention. I will consider treatment of just about all food associated topics such as meals and beverages, cooking tips, house cooked meals, meals recipes, health insurance and nutrition, out associated with your simplest drinking water to baking delicious strawberry cakes.

Healthy, organic food can guidance to steer clear of weight problems in pets. This kind of stage requirements to be able to become completed within the shortest quantity of your time possible, so as to put an individual within the best position to take charge of your own disease. This particular happens since fertility problems are typically connected together with obesity. Perhaps getting a few additional pounds getting chubby could increase your chance of numerous diseases.

And commence cooking with coconut oil. When fancy and also sophistication is actually every thing you are searching for, then walk within towards the Solera Vino, a new fine-dining French restaurant which can be famous for its delicate flavours, amazing wine along with outstanding service. Naturally, throughout addition, you've to generate certain you're posts are generally grammatically appropriate - nothing very switches off visitors around weak command with the English language. Within nearly all cases, if the circumstance is tight sufficient that you may be seeking to produce a credit rating card applicatoin for benefits then odds are that you will qualify for them. "The Bitterroot Valley is certainly ready with regard to a bit of good co-op program, self-sufficient meals planning, together using a healthier meals system.
Tags: food

October 08 2014


The Pareto Principle - And how To Apply It To Your Marketing Strategy

My passion for meals began a whole lot greater than twenty years again when I was a secondary university student. Maybe you've previously begun getting oneself organic foods, realizing how nutritious they may well be and experiencing all the advantages they possess to provide anyone with each other along using your family. It is, over all, for you to indicator up inside the symbolic celebration with the shared repast.

There are numerous folks in the world, including myself, whom have a issue in their existence with weight. Korn relies on the restaurants relationship using nearby purveyors to produce the particular bistros signature dishes, which are carefully prepared to highlight the taste of the ingredients. Pick from your lives of Julia Allison, Perez Hilton, Kyle MacDonald, along with some other such people who have employed the actual Internet sufficiently for you to become celebrities inside their particular right. Bookacook results in a a couple of means street exactly where patrons who would like an alternate for you to expensive dining out or even have got special diet wants could actually e-book a new cook pertaining to his or her evening meal or perhaps possibly a particular day along with buddies as well as family.

Gauge the particular requirement pertaining to automated blog posts updates. These People are typically employed for infrequent or temporary applications similar to store fronts and cottage windows. The Actual four appendixes contain pertinent government documents for example "Recent Growth Patterns inside the U. That They are generally typically useful for infrequent or perhaps temporary apps such as shop fronts as well as cottage windows.   A Quantity Of of the classes we had were... Soup Tomatoes Pasta.

Related Articles. The Actual youngster may be awarded factors regarding matching the particular title involving something properly effortlessly the photo or by matching your nutrition pleased with foodstuff such as vitamin C together with oranges, fiber along with wholemeal products etc. particular meals to become able to appear out for, along with probably monitor your reactions for your kids include, chocolate, high sugar foods, junk food items (because in the substantial salt as well as sugar utilized inside his or her production), milk items as well as fried food. An Individual will will absolutely no longer must view the variety of your neighborhood pizzeria since the entire procedure is now completed online along with extensive meals menus and also drinks available to view along with order online, changing how busy people spend less through skipping an expensive certain date once you consume restaurant food from home. The idea is very crucial with regard to those in which will be throughout need, to comprehend to always be able to Implement Meals Stamps, it is actually a very useful and also helpful technique of having via rough times.

Gormley, Ontario, Canada, L0H 1G0 tel:1-905-888-0066 fax: 905-888-0071. Go for the link over and click for you to go purchase your own personal now or even simply no under check it outside inside full. the well designed features allow it to become straightforward to utilize along with straightforward to become able to create your ideal blended outcomes. Say, can you like to blog concerning some thing general? As Well As maybe you merely want to publish your raves as well as rants? Or Even possibly a person 'd prefer to blog upon cat coaching since you adore cats that will much? A Person see, identifying your own subject is key simply because it's likely to become the actual trigger for the keyword study which means you are able to identify what key phrases or perhaps keyphrases you'll end up targeting. All-natural components over these foods, one passed via your digestive system, will assist for you to increase the healthiness of urine, minimizing appealing environments regarding in which bacteria for you to run in.

One batch involving this your meals are more likely to always be able to last regarding months. This technique is utilized efficiently simply by McDonald's restaurants too as some other junk food franchises. Generally there will even be folks that will like to pose as helpful people just to adopt benefit of foreigners. In your event that you've actually desired to cultivate your personal individual fruit or perhaps vegetables, this distinctive book is the must-have resource!.
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